Welcome to Mindful Christian Living. A website dedicated, and focused, on a personal spiritual journey of Christian discipleship. This is accomplished by the Savior’s call to deny oneself and take up one’s cross in order to come unto Him and follow His established teachings. It focuses on the nature of living a mindful Christian life that is crucified unto Christ. This focus is based on 10-pillars of Christian Spiritual Disciplines:

  • Reading, studying, and meditating on the Scriptures
  • Contemplative and meditative prayer and fasting
  • Personal worship and fellowship
  • Personal evangelism and missionary work
  • Serving and mindful Charity
  • Personal Stewardship
  • Silence and Solitude
  • Personal journaling
  • Learning and growing in spiritual knowledge and understanding
  • Perseverance in Faith and Spiritual Growth

Whether you are new to the faith or have struggled with crisis of faith – the messages of each devotional and article are designed to help you cultivate a genuine and authentic faith in Jesus Christ. He is the foundation of all things – For I am the way, the truth, and the life and no one comes to the Father except through me (John 14:6, Lexham English Bible).


Mindful Christian Living focuses on living a mindful and crucified Christian life that is dramatic, startling, and life-changing process of transformation through Jesus Christ. Through a fresh relationship with Christ, an individual is empowered to improve their overall quality of life that is spiritually disciplined.

Focused on helping individuals struggling with their faith and discover that which may hold them back from living a vibrant and abundant spiritual mindful life. The objective is to provide thoughtful and inspiring messages of hope for all people to Come unto Christ as a call to come Follow Him.

Through a defined spiritual discipleship viewpoint, a person will identify their true sense of self and develop a spiritual and faith-based perspective. Assist each individual in addressing any limiting beliefs and mental blocks through faith-based mindful exercises. Help each person identify ways to manage adversity and grow in faith where they are confident in making healthy decisions that no longer are based on internal beliefs formed from past experiences. Beliefs determine thoughts, thoughts determine and influence our feelings, and those feelings determine actions and reactions.

By exploring, understanding, and applying the spiritual disciplines, each individual is helped by challenging their old perspectives in order to replace them with new spiritual insight and understanding. Developing a new perspective, they are equipped to make new choices for a better impact on their overall health and well-being. This is accomplished on the foundational principle that each of us are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds in order to prove that which is acceptable and good (Romans 12:1-3).


To foster healing and restoration among those who have stepped out of God’s divine and sovereign grace.

Mission and Purpose

Assist individuals in discovering their identity through Jesus Christ, renew their faith and hope in order to restore a deep and meaningful relationship with God, others, and self. This is accomplished by these two truths:

  • Salvation is through Jesus Christ and is the fundamental foundation to build upon
  • Our response is to realign ourselves back into God’s divine Sovereign will through obedience to His sustaining word

The guiding principle is faith and hope whereby an individual discovers the central truth that motivates and inspires an authentic Christ-centered lifestyle. Becoming aware that people are able to be restored and overcome the internal and external challenges and adversities that have separated them from Christ’s love and mercy.


  • To understand the nature of our separation from God’s divine love and grace, we come to understand the following principles:
  • Sin and Transgression creates suffering: We take inventory because of our own experience with suffering.
  • Awareness of our need: We realize the nature of our need for grace and forgiveness and begin to see the reality of those causes and conditions that have taken us from God’s divine sovereign will.
  • Forgiveness and repentance are possible: We realize that forgiveness and repentance is possible and take refuge in God’s divine grace and mercy.
  • Spiritual maturation is possible: As we commit ourselves over to walking in obedience to God’s divine sovereign will, we begin to discovery the abundant life promised to us by Christ.
  • Our healing process begins when we come to the end of ourselves and realize our need for a renewed faith in Jesus Christ.


This website is not affiliated with any Christian denomination, ministry, or organization. The express thoughts, understandings, scripture commentary, and devotions provided are the contributor’s own insights and understandings. Each individual is recommended to seek out their own understanding through prayer, meditation, and personal scripture study. There is no engagement in any debate regarding the messages contained on this website. While it is healthy to disagree – please do so in a thoughtful and respectful manner and provide any insight that may deem helpful and encouraging. This is not a platform to encourage, sustain, or tolerate disagreements that mock, ridicule, or demean any given person’s faith, or membership of a given Church association.