12-Steps | A Spiritual Perspective

Since the days of Bill W. and the formation of Alcoholics Anonymous – the Twelve Steps have become the bedrock of recovery for many individuals suffering various debilitating issues. From Alcoholism to Pornography and sexual integrity. Many individuals are blessed with the powerful guidance of fellow travelers, sponsors, and the twelve steps. And it is definitely true about these steps – they work if you work them.

I have come to appreciate these steps and how they have blessed me with a renewed spirit of hope and faith. Here, I share with you my take on the steps as they have helped me in the course of my own recovery. These are based on me working the steps from the Adult Child of Alcoholics and the AA perspective. These are not meant to replace the original 12-steps. They are a way of enhancing our understanding of them and how they work in our life.


Came to believe that I am spiritually bankrupt, broken, and that there is no other solution to my suffering. This requires me to be honest with myself because I have lost the ability to govern my life accordingly.


Came to believe that with the help from a fellowship of others and a power greater than myself serenity may be restored.


Came to believe that I need to be healed and restored and this required me to give my life and will over to the care of my Heavenly Father and the fellowship of fellow travelers.


Self-examination and honesty are the key to understanding who I am and requires me to make a fearless and moral inventory of myself.


With genuine humility and contrition, I confess my character defects, wrongdoing, and weaknesses to my Heavenly Father, myself, and another.


Through this process of self-discovery and willing to commit my life over to my Heavenly Father – I stand ready for him to remove all these defects and walk in forgiveness and restoration.


I strive to continue to maintain a spirit of humility and walk in forgiveness toward myself and others while seeking ongoing grace and forgiveness from my Heavenly Father.


Through compassion, grace, and love I bring to mind those whom I have harmed.


When appropriate, and possible, I sought out forgiveness from those whom I have harmed, except where it may cause further injury to them or others.


I commit myself to daily examination and when prompted by the Holy Spirit – promptly admitted my errors. Taking full responsibility and accountability of who I am.


Through daily prayer and meditation, I seek a deeper and enriching relationship with my Heavenly Father as I fully rely on His spirit to be with me and guide me in all things.


Through these steps I have had a spiritual awakening to live a more meaningful and mindful spiritual life. Gladly willing to share my story to others who are suffering. Living out these truths in my life as an example of God’s grace and healing.