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Strengthening Faith in Jesus Christ

The important aspect of studying through the New Testament is to enhance and strengthen active faith in Jesus Christ. As we take up our journey through the scriptures – we want to get the most out of our experience. This includes learning about the importance of faith and how it plays in our willingness to deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow Him.

No two individuals are going to have the same experience when it comes to studying the New Testament. Some may deepen and enrich their faith. Finding answers to their own personal questions. Enrich their own personal testimony of the Savior. And have significant improvement in their lives. Whereas others may find it difficult to study through the New Testament. Feel discouraged, maybe even overwhelmed. Even approach their personal devotion and studying with some anxiety and fear.

  • What are some possible reasons you may see an increase in active faith through studying the New Testament?
  • What are some possible reasons you may feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or have some anxiety regarding your study through the New Testament?

One of the central components to a Mindful Christian Living that is crucified with Christ is how we examine our own hearts, minds, and motivations. To assist you in this, consider the following questions:

  • What are you presently engaged in that is helping you grow spiritually and in faith?
  • Do you feel you are getting the results you desire or need?
  • If you are not growing spiritually and in faith – nor seeing the results you desire or need; what do you believe needs to change?

Each of us ought to thoughtfully consider ways we want to continue to learn and grow spiritually. This includes ways where we see improvements in our lives. Whether there are questions we have – or concerns needing attention, it is through sincere prayer and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit that helps us apply those principles into our own lives. And it begins when we come to the awareness of how much the scriptures call our attention to the reliance on Christ as a means to live an authentic mindful life. Our true desire is to actively learn by faith in Jesus Christ where we are blessed and see personal improvements in life. And it is through diligent study and searching the New Testament where we learn by faith in Christ.

As we actively strive to learn about and focus our efforts on Jesus Christ, we will get the most from our spiritual learning. Consider the following individuals who came unto Christ and how they were blessed:

Take a moment to meditate on these passages. Write down any thoughts as responses to the following questions:

  • How did the individual actively show their faith in Jesus Christ?
  • What obstacles did the individual need to overcome?
  • How were they blessed?
  • What way are you able to apply those experiences into your own life?
  • How will this increase your own spiritual growth and development?

Personal Goal is Come unto Christ and be Crucified with Him

It is up to you to seek the guidance and personal revelation that comes through the Holy Spirit as you study and meditate upon the New Testament. Not only is it meaningful to study and meditate, but it is also necessary to exercise faith in Jesus Christ by applying those spiritual truths into your own life. Through actively learning of His teachings through personal scripture study, engaging in mindful and meditative prayer, and sharing your own personal thoughts regarding what you are reading and studying with others will help you grow spiritually as you come unto Christ.

Only you are capable of denying yourself and taking up your cross and following after the Savior. As you commit yourself to this – you may find the Heaven’s opening and blessings being poured out. May also find increase in your testimony of the Savior and gain confidence in your personal relationship with Him.

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