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Building a Spiritual Foundation for a Mindful Christian Life

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The bedrock of our faith and foundation of authentic and meaningful mindful Christian living is built upon Jesus Christ. Each one of us are able to receive personal, direct, and divine revelation of Christ. And true spiritual growth begins when we build our faith on Him. When we are built upon the foundation of Christ, we are able to withstand those spiritual whirlwinds that attempt to uproot us. Take a moment to thoughtful consider and respond to these questions:

  • What are some of the spiritual whirlwinds that you have experienced where they uprooted you from a spiritual foundation?
  • What does it mean for you personally to build a foundation of faith on Christ?
  • How will the foundation of our faith on Christ diminish the power of the Adversary?
  • How will the foundation of our faith on Christ empower us to withstand temptations?
  • What do you believe are the blessings in building a sure foundation on Jesus Christ? How will this empower you to live more authentically and mindfully through Christ?

One way to help you consider the questions above is by rating your present spiritual foundation:

My Spiritual Foundation

1. Agree – 2. Somewhat Agree – 3. Somewhat Disagree – 4. Disagree
  • I am constantly building a strong foundation on Jesus Christ and His Gospel
  • I am increasing my knowledge of Jesus Christ and His teachings through devoted scripture study and prayer
  • I feel comfortable using the scriptures to explain the teachings of Jesus Christ
  • I am able to find answers to the questions I or others may have about the Gospel

As you consider your responses – reflect further:

  • Where do you see the need to build a stronger foundation on Christ and His Gospel?
  • What motivation and commitment do you have by growing in knowledge of Christ and His teachings?
  • What prevents you from using the scriptures to understand and explain the teachings of Christ?
  • What is preventing you from finding much needed answers? What questions are others asking that you have difficulty responding too?

The spiritual discipline of personal scripture study helps us build a sure foundation on Jesus Christ, helps us grow in understanding as we learn of His teachings, and helps us further come unto Him and follow Him as true disciples.

Developing True Spiritual Knowledge

Since God knows all things and is the source of all truth; He loves us and wants us to progress and grow in our knowledge and understanding. Developing true spiritual knowledge is key to eternal life:

 Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.

The Gospel of John 17:3 – The Lexham English Bible

Therefore, Our Heavenly Father, as well as Jesus Christ, has encouraged us to seek learning through study and acting on faith. We are confident to trust in Him completely for our search for truth, relying on His wisdom, His love, and His power to teach and bless us. Our Heavenly Father has promised to reveal truth to our minds and hearts through the Holy Ghost. So long as we diligently seek after Him.

Our Heavenly Father has provided a way for us to acquire spiritual knowledge. He has established the conditions we are to follow in order to gain such truths. Through His divinely ordained pattern requires that we have an honest desire to know the truth and are willing to live according to that which He has revealed. Our sincere desire will lead us to seek truth through prayer and to diligently study the New Testament.

One of those blessings is discovering new insights and information. Another blessing is receiving answers to our questions regarding particular teachings, practices, or history that may have appeared difficult for us to understand. By asking questions and mindfully seeking answers is a vital part of our effort to learn truths. Some of the questions that may come to our mind may be inspired by the Holy Spirit. These inspired questions ought to be considered gifts of God that gives us opportunities to strengthen our assurance of how willing the Lord is to teach us. Regardless the source of our questions, we are blessed with the ability to think and reason and to experience the influence of the Spirit of Truth as our minds are expanded to deepen our understanding.

What are these divine ordained patterns of our Heavenly Father as they pertain to increasing ones understanding and knowledge of spiritual truths?

  • Willing and committed to act in faith
  • Examine concepts, questions, and even personal concerns with an eternal perspective
  • Seek further understanding through divinely appointed sources

By following these three principles – we are guided to increase in learning, understanding, and enriching personal spiritual knowledge and truth.

Principle 1 – Act in Faith

Acting in faith comes down to our willingness to place our confidence and trust in God. It means we are willing to turn to Him first through sincere and diligent prayer. Taking our time seriously when we are studying and meditating on the scriptures. It also requires our personal commitment and willingness to walk in faithful obedience to His commandments.

One thing that is helpful is building upon our present understanding of Christ and resolve any concerns we may already possess. As we do so, we are able to increase in understanding and knowledge so that we may hold fast to what we already know and stand strong as we obtain new knowledge and understanding.

Another reminder is to know that there may be times where we may not find immediate answers to our questions or have immediate resolutions to our concerns. While we want to remain true in knowing that our Heavenly Father is faithful in revealing all truths necessary for our salvation and eternal life – He has not revealed all truth. Hence, we are to continue to seek for answers, live by faith, trusting that we will eventually receive those answers we seek after. So long we remain faithful and true to the light and knowledge we have already received – the promise is we shall receive more.

Principle 2 – Examine Personal Concepts and Questions from an Eternal Perspective

Examining personal doctrinal concepts, questions, and social issues with an eternal perspective means we consider them in the context of the Plan of Salvation and the Teachings of the Savior. We seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to see things according to the Will of the Lord. This may require us to reframe questions and view ideas based on the Lord’s standard of truth rather than accepting the world’s premise or assumptions. To do this, we ask questions such as “What do I already know about Heavenly Father, His Plan, and how He deals with His Children?” and “What gospel teachings relate to or clarify this concept for me?” Such examination requires some honest consideration and critical thinking in determining whether we are reading into the text what we want it to say or allowing the text to illuminate the message we are in need of understanding.

Even questions that may relate to historical events might need examination from an eternal perspective. As we stay anchored to our trust in our Heavenly Father and His plan and will for our lives, we are able to see issues more clearly. It may benefit us to examine historical questions in the proper context of the time period rather than imposing our current perspectives and attitudes as a means measure such historical events.

Principle 3 – Seek Further Understanding through Divinely Appointed Sources

The appointed process whereby we are able to obtain spiritual knowledge is through those truths and guidance given to us by:

  • The Light of Christ
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Parents who are faithfully living out Gospel Truths
  • Church Leaders who are grounded in and living out Gospel Truths
  • Commentaries, Historic Letters, Study Guides, and other resources
  • Other individuals who are pursuing to live the Gospel Truths in their own lives

By relying on those established patterns where we are able to obtain spiritual knowledge and truths – we want to be wary of those sources that may be unreliable. This is because we are in a period of time where there is an increase in deconstruction of faith, supplanting doctrinal and Gospel truths with philosophies of men, and distortion of principles of spiritual knowledge as a means to persuade us to turn away from the Lord. This requires each one of us to recognize and avoid such sources and protect us from misinformation. To stand on our testimony when those who are about seeking to destroy our faith in Christ. As we commit to rely on the Holy Spirit and continue studying and building on the sure foundation – we will be blessed with the spiritual gift of discernment where we are quickly able to recognize the truth from the error.

Assisting Others to Acquire Spiritual Knowledge

Building our foundation on the teachings of Christ, growing in knowledge and truth, we are motivated and committed to respond when others ask questions or investigate particular doctrines, teachings, practices, or history. How best are we empowered to assist t hem for their quest in truth? What way are we able to use the gift of discernment to determine those who are truly sincere in their personal diligence compared to those who have established themselves as false teachers – seducing many away from the faith and truth?

  • Actively Listen carefully and prayerfully: Part of living a mindful Christian life requires the practice of mindfulness in all aspect of our lives. This includes interpersonal communication. We are to listen attentively before responding. By seeking to understand, through clarification, rephrasing their questions or concerns, and taking a moment to consider their present perspective, we are able to have some insight in ways to respond and answer. Thoughtfully seeking to understand the true intent of their questions, feelings, and beliefs helps us best assist in their own understanding. We also want to pray for guidance in how to respond to their questions and concerns.
  • Teach and Testify of Gospel truths: The greatest benefit of learning to gain spiritual knowledge and applying those principles in our own lives is the ability to teach and testify to others the applicable teachings and their benefits in our lives. It may also require we help them examine, or reframe, their own questions in proper context of the Gospel and our Heavenly Father’s will.
  • Open the Invitation to Act in Faith: The Lord requires us to seek spiritual knowledge for ourselves. We are therefore empowered to invite others to act in faith through prayer, reading and studying the scriptures, walk in faithful obedience to the teachings of Christ and His commandments and to seek out the best resources to help further their own personal understanding. It may also be helpful to encourage them to consider past experiences they may have had with the Holy Spirit and to hold to those principles and truths revealed to them previously.
  • Follow Through: If you keep a journal and write down your own personal questions, thoughts, or concerns – follow through in searching the answers. If someone has a question or concern you do not have an answer for, follow through and help them search the scriptures, study tools, and other means to obtain an answer. This does not mean search it out for them (unless you want to understand for yourself); instead, encourage them by searching such things out together. Finally, express your own confidence in the Lord and how you have personally received divine revelation as a means to answer your own questions and concerns. Invite them to seek out personal and divine revelation as they diligently seek answers to their own situations, questions or concerns.

The more we engage and grow in our own spiritual learning, understanding, and increase in faith in Jesus Christ – building on Christ as our sure foundation – we are confident to assist others in acquiring and growing in their own spiritual knowledge. We are empowered to help them build their personal faith on the sure foundation of Jesus Christ.

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