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“…because your prayer has been heard…

… because your prayer has been heard …
~ Luke 1:13, LEB ~

If my belief is that I can do nothing – it is realizing the intention of seeking help. Where is the help for the struggles and problems I am facing? Where do I receive strength and hope? How shall I develop awareness and understanding? And how do I realize that accepting those things I’m incapable of changing will help me grow and experience life fully? Furthermore, where do I gain courage to make those necessary changes needed to step into living a mindful and crucified Christian life? And does God truly hear my own personal prayers, cries for help amidst my struggles, and does He really care for me?

Zacharias encounters the Angel Gabriel and receives revelation that not only he will have a son – but this revelation also provides information on the significant role that this son will have. What is interesting to note about this visitation is that Zacharias was an elderly High Priest. And because of his extreme years, he had probably ceased praying for offspring. Thus, when the Angel Gabriel visited this elderly man – the announcement that God had heard his past acts of prayer – Zacharias will be blessed.

What have you been praying for where you have found yourself in a season of life that such answers seem distant and no longer relevant for you? How do you identify with Zacharias as it pertains to the spiritual discipline of prayer? What is it that you are seeking after where direction and guidance is needed?

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A person in the process of coming unto Christ, and following Him as a true disciple, answers the question: “How shall I develop a relationship my Savior?” The answer begins with the spiritual discipline of thoughtful prayer. Allowing self, the ability to be receptive to the spiritual messages that will come. And to be spiritually receptive, we must not be preoccupied with the illusion of control. Such illusion causes us to be demanding as we attempt to fit it in our narrow and logical mindset. Because such preoccupation may mean our failure to notice all the experiences which are there for us.

Thoughtful prayer opens our senses to see and hear what surrounds us. It helps us breath in the beauty and pain of life. And when we receive the message – it is for us to apply and live it out so that we have real meaningful experiences.

Once the power of thoughtful prayer is experienced – an individual begins to see how powerful of a tool this spiritual discipline is as we communicate with our Heavenly Father. Through this, we take advantage of the opportunity to commune with Him. It helps us find strength for today and hope for tomorrow. Thoughtful prayer is not a thing to be taken lightly or to be used infrequently.

One begins to experience a deeper and richer relationship with our Heavenly Father. Our faith takes root in Christ, and we begin to live with intent, purpose, and meaning. Thoughtful prayer gives us the assurance that not only God hears us – but it also provides us confidence that we shall receive an answer to our prayers.

The quality of a mindful and crucified Christian life will be in direct proportion to the quality of our disciplined prayer life. For it changes things, it changes us. So, today, instead of turning things over in your own mind, seek to let go and turn them over to our Heavenly Father. Seek His guidance to lead the way instead of worrying about your next decision. And constantly pray earnestly and without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18; Colossians 4:2-6) about things of great importance and lease significant. Because our Heavenly Father is listening, and He desires to hear from you.

Today’s Thought and Reminder

Genuine Christian character is developed through committed discipline of contemplative and meditative prayer. It is the sum of every right decision, honest word, and every noble thought that occupies our heartfelt prayers. It is forged when we enter into our private space and seek the will of the Father. And it is polished through generosity and humility. Such character and integrity are built over time as we consistently seek our Heavenly Father’s will in every-day life.

It is His word, that we are open and receptive to receive, that provides the spiritual direction we need. His word gives us the opportunity to apply it into our own lives that leads to righteousness and truth. We become His worthy servant so that our words are true, and our actions inspire others to come unto Christ and follow Him.

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