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“The Lord is With You”

And he came to her and said, “Greetings, favored one! The Lord is with you.”
~ Luke 1:28, LEB ~

There is no doubt we all face uncertainty. No doubt there will be disappointment and discouragement in life. And some may even say that it is wrong to feel disappointed or discouraged in life. That this is not something a devout Christian ought to experience. How come? A prevailing false belief appears to sweep through modern Christian fellowship and circles where a devout and faithful Christian has confidence, faith, and hope in our Heavenly Father and therefore He is a God of possibilities and not negativity. And they often cite scriptures to hopefully present some comfort and encouragement to the one experiencing disappointment and discouragement in life.

Where did such a prevailing idea stem from that because one is experiencing disappointment or discouragement is not faithful? Is experiencing discouragement and disappointment a lack of confidence in Heavenly Father’s promises? Who came up with the idea that because God is sovereign, merciful, and graceful – one ought to no longer feel discouraged or disappointed in life?

Yes, it is true one ought to count their blessings and not their personal hardships. That is not in disagreement. Sure, we are called to live faithfully and courageously – knowing our Heavenly Father is one who gives good things (James 1:17). And there is no disagreement in placing our trust and confidence in Christ where we find refuge and are secure in our assurance of living a meaningful life.

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Each one of us, in confronting those times where we are discouraged and disappointed, have felt a paradoxical truth. If we admit the reality of our situation. Actively let go of our need to control the people and situations that have brought on our feeling discouraged and disappointed. Surrendering such things unto our Heavenly Father’s care. There is a sense of freedom and relief. Not that those disappointments and discouragements cease. Our ability to embrace them, accept them, and manage through those experiences in order to overcome the frustrations and limitations through Christ is all the more empowering.

What is the reality and truth? Living in a fear-based society and knowing these are troubling times for everyone. Possessing legitimate fears concerning our personal well-being, families, work, and communities. Living a faithfully devoted mindful crucified Christian life is one of courage. We already know the outcome. However, that does not remove us from living in the present moment of those discouragements, disappointments where the fuel is worry and anxiety. Understanding and knowing that fear is an inevitable part of our mortality. How are we able to cope? What brings sweet comfort to our troubled hearts, minds, and souls?

Our Heavenly Father bestows His grace upon all those who come unto Christ and follow Him. And it is through this grace where we are able to find courage in managing those times of disappointments and discouragement. Furthermore, it is a sweet reminder that He is not just near unto us (Psalm 34:18), because we are broken hearted and crushed in our spirit, while we are experiencing disappointments and discouragements – he is fully present and with us.

Today’s Thought and Reminder

Disappointments and discouragement come to us in subtle and obvious ways. Somebody says something unkind. We are hurt by the attitude and actions of others. Promises are broken. Some even experience disappointment and discouragement because of betrayal and dishonesty. We are hurt, devastated, and in some instances mourning and grieving those hurts. How does one overcome such distressing emotions? How do we heal from such hurt?

By knowing who I am as a follower of Christ – I am highly favored because He has made me acceptable through Christ’s infinite atonement. Not only am I accepted because of my Heavenly Father’s grace and mercy – I know He is with me and present during those times of troubling disappointments. He is present in those times where I am discouraged. He is present in my own moments of feeling hurt, abandoned, and sometimes even forgotten.

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