Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Devotional

“…they offered him gifts …”

And when they came into the house, they saw the child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worshiped him. And opening their treasure boxes, they offered him gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh.
~ Matthew 2:11, LEB ~

When will I realize that my only gift to be offered is that of self-sacrifice? I need not permit my own doubts and fears prevent me from coming unto Christ and following Him. There is no confusion to living a mindful and crucified Christian life. I gain peace of mind when fully committing myself over to His care and will for my life. What is it that I need to bring to Him? All that is compulsive, humiliation, uncertainty, despair, and self-pity.

By denying and crucifying self – I am giving Christ the right to fee me from those situations that may interfere with having an abundant life. Through Him, I am entitled to live a life without fear, uncertainty, discomfort, and able to take a firm stand and hold fast to my decision in putting faith and trust in Him. Through Christ, I am guided to make right decisions and am given fortitude to cling to when pressures and persuasions come to distract me from the path of righteousness.

Sometimes, the demands and frustrations of every-day life, we forget to slow down and seek out the will of our Heavenly Father. Instead of turning our personal thoughts and prayers to Him, we rely on our own will and desire. We seek to walk in our own strength and courage. Not wanting to be led by the Holy Spirit for guidance and rely on our own understanding and wisdom. Yet, we eventually learn that such a life takes us away from Christ.

Genuine Christian faith is found when one comes to humbly worship Christ. To desire fellowship with Him. Seeking to understand the will of the Father and walking in obedience to His will. Not only will one find such faith in losing their life for Christ – but they shall also find saving faith for a life that is as precious as Gold. A life that is a sweet aroma as that of the being endowed with the Holy Spirit. And offering prayers that are contemplative and mindful in His name.

Each one of us come as broken vessels. Full of hurt and despair. What are you willing to give over to Christ? What needs to be let go in your life that is interfering with your ability to come unto Him and follow His teachings today? The only way our faith may become stronger and resilient is through our deep commitment to deny ourselves and put to death those things that prevent us from coming unto Him and following His teachings.

When we come to realize that our only gift to bring in adoration and worship of the Savior is that of our own heart, soul, and mind – we shall experience the sweetness of mercy, grace, and forgiveness. Healing begins as we are restored and endowed with the ointment of His infinite atonement. Our heart is filled with His love as the bitterness is removed. Our spirit is refreshed with that of the Holy Spirit – igniting a passion and desire that hungers and thirsts after His righteousness. Our very minds are renewed as we meditate on His teachings and apply them into our own lives.

Only then is Christ’s truth and purity is poured into us since we have allowed ourselves to become empty vessels for His will and purpose.

Today’s Thought and Reminder

When we come unto Christ – it is because we are seeking His help to become a person of faith that ignites our passion for living a mindful and crucified life. Dedicated to Him and the will of the Father is the only means by which we are able to experience spiritual growth. Through disciplining ourselves by applying those truths into our hearts and minds – we become endowed with His spirit. Knowing He is always near and that He is able to help us overcome any challenge we may face. His love and power will give us the strength to live courageously and share our faith with others.

All we bring to Him in adoration and worship is our own heart, mind, and soul. Laying down our very life and take up His cross to follow Him in true discipleship.

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