Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Devotional

Wax Strong in the Lord

And the child was growing and becoming strong, filled with wisdom, and the favor of God was upon him.
~ Luke 2:40, LEB ~

How much time do I spend worrying about whether or not I am good enough? What reason do I have in deserving any good compliment? When will I come to a place where other people’s view and opinion of me no longer matter? Much of my own time has been focused on a status-conscious perspective. My own personal sense of worth is tied to those external aspects of what I want and feel entitled to. Either I take a superior role and perspective or find myself fulfilling a far more inferior role and adopt that perspective.

True discipleship – when we come unto Christ, deny ourselves, and take up our cross to follow Him – begins when we are humble and full of contrition. Humility means I no longer engage in self-shaming or inflating my own ego and self-importance. Humility begins when I am ready to accept the reality of who Christ is and who I am through Christ.

It is through true humility where I am able to wax strong in the Lord. Filled with wisdom and finding favor with my Heavenly Father. I am no better or no worse than other people around me. Through Christ, I find the strength to become the person whom my Heavenly Father desires me to become.

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Living a genuine and mindful crucified Christian life means that when the demand of life leaves me rushing throughout the day – I need to continue to discipline myself in slowing down and pausing to consider all that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with. To find a moment of showing thanksgiving and gratitude. For, if I am not taking a moment to acknowledge Him and His gifts, I suffer because of my own misplaced priorities.

When I train myself to be disciplined in showing gratitude, the challenges and demands of daily life become quite bearable. I am not burdened down by the weight of those priorities. And it helps me maintain humility because I am not focused on what I have done – but I am focused on what Christ is able to do through me. The more I practice gratitude in everyday life – the more my Heavenly Father’s kindness and generosity continues to strengthen me.

Not because I believe the notion that gratitude will solve all my cares and problems. Such a belief is quite an illusion. Genuine humility is sobering because it keeps me focused on those necessary steps to continue to wax strong in the Lord. Grow in wisdom through the spiritual disciplines of a mindful and crucified life. It requires me to work through my faith in Christ in order to overcome those personal conflicts I may face. And each day has its own troubles that I am empowered to walk through.

Today’s Thought and Reminder

I will not engage in the self-delusion and thinking that living a mindful and crucified life is accomplished through my own will and desire. Humility is the means whereby I am able to walk in thankfulness and gratitude for those blessings my Heavenly Father bestows upon me. Through Christ, I will deal with each problem that comes to me with the help of a thankful and grateful heart.

My only prayer is for the wisdom to continue to make those rational decisions when faced the troubles of the day. Being ever mindful of showing gratitude and thanksgiving to the will of the Father and the teachings of Christ that I am applying into my own life.

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