Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Devotional

“Repent … for the Kingdom of Heaven has Come Near!”

Now in those days John the Baptist came preaching in the Judean wilderness and saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near!”
~ Matthew 3:1-2, LEB ~

Learning to live a mindful crucified Christian life in all its deep meanings and applying the teachings of Jesus Christ to my daily life, is not a simple matter of going to Church now and then. Neither is it a simple matter of praying now and then. Nor reading the scriptures now and then. Suppose I decided to take up learning to play an instrument, or study art, history, science. I’d have to work at it every day and practice those things I have learned until they became a part of me. And it is a consistent discipline toward being perfect. How am I able to hope to perfect myself in a mindful and crucified Christian life without daily application?

The idea of turning my life and my will over to the care of my Heavenly Father requires repentance. This is born out of a mighty change of heart that produces a fresh view of God, oneself, and those around an individual. It is a process of turning one’s heart and will over to God. And it was the message of John the Baptist as he prepared the hearts of the people to receive the Savior and become more like Him. And it begins when we bring forth the fruits of repentance (Luke 3:8).

It is how we are able to grow in truth, in grace, and in spiritual maturity. By being in touch with our Heavenly Father, we learn from doing those things He has called us to do. Sometimes we will make mistakes in the process. We will fall short constantly. However, as we continue to repent and come unto Christ and follow Him, we are engaged in a miraculous renewal of our heart and mind.

It also shall be no surprise when we find ourselves lost, confused, and heading in the wrong direction in life. Our friends may give good advice and suggestions – however, it may not resonate within our own heart and spirit. Sometimes we are challenged to uncover what changes we were not aware of that needed to be made. Discover the steps we need to take in order to be headed in the right direction. Our encounter with Christ, and our Heavenly Father, brings us to the reality that His kingdom is near to each one of us. We need to realize the path we are to take so that we might change the direction of our lives.

Christ’s invitation is for us to repent and turn unto Him as a means to follow. His invitation is for us to turn from our way and go the way of the righteous and covenant path. To be guided by the Holy Spirit. This is key to finding His Kingdom. Our willingness to change our hearts and reform our lives to live a committed and disciplined life unto our Heavenly Father. As we turn our will and life over to His care – we are redeemed through His grace. Yet, if we refuse to repent, we will miss that which we most desperately desire and seek after.

John the Baptist message to repent is quite important for us today as much as it was to those of the first century. We too need to bring forth the necessary fruit worthy of repentance as part of our willingness to deny self and take up our cross and follow the Savior. It is an encouragement, as well as a warning, that we will be received and find forgiveness and acceptance. Otherwise, it is a warning that we may miss out on the blessings of a mindful crucified Christian life.

Repentance, therefore, is a contrast of a true Disciple who is endowed with Christ’s power, through the Holy Spirit, so that one bears fruit of righteousness compared to one who is not seeking forgiveness and acceptance by denying their need to bring forth the necessary fruits worthy of repentance.

Today’s Thought and Reminder

Coming unto Christ and following Him means we are willing to allow His gospel to change our hearts and minds. One is never too far from the Kingdom of God – you just have to turn yourself around and find your way back to the path of righteousness. By accepting the invitation of John the Baptist, one is preparing their heart and mind to receive Christ and apply the ointment of His infinite atonement into one’s life.

Repent for the kingdom of God is near unto each one of us and we shall receive the blessings of salvation and eternal life.

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