Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Devotional

A Beloved Child of God

And a voice came from heaven, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.”
~ Mark 1:11, LEB ~

The quest for spiritual perfection, and maturity, is a personal journey that leads us across many peaks and through a few unexpected valleys. When we reach the mountaintops of our faith, we find it easy to praise our Heavenly Father and give thanks. However, when we experience disappointment or personal hardship, it seems so much more difficult to trust God’s perfect plan for our lives. Yet, trust is something we need to do consistently and constantly to develop a resilient faith.

Know we live in times of uncertainty. A time where tragedies befall even the most faithful saints among us. And how many are experiencing an increase sense of anxiety where changes threaten peace of mind. Our ability to adapt and adjust becomes that much more paramount. No wonder some of us sometimes find ourselves beset by feeling lost, abandoned, and full of worry and anxiety.

Outside of those anxieties produced by chemical imbalance, and may require professional intervention, oftentimes our anxieties result from spiritual deficits. And when one feels spiritually depleted, the best remedy is found in knowing who we are: Beloved children of our Heavenly Father. Understanding that we are His beloved children gives us that daily dose of His love, peace, assurance, and his overwhelming presence.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

How do we acquire and maintain this in a mindful and crucified Christian life? Through those spiritual disciplines of prayer, scripture study, fellowship, service, ministry, and fasting.

For most of us, having felt neglected, abandoned, and even lost in families where we were never acknowledged, appreciated, or even valued has done a lot of emotional, spiritual, and mental damage. Our lives have been led by the desire and deep need of finding acceptance, love, and appreciation. And in some instances, some of us have placed ourselves in those situations and relationships where they’ve become co-dependent, abusive, and even placed us in a distorted view of sexuality. Our need to feel complete, whole, and alive is all too often found in quick remedies that have consistently led to disappointment. Only to drive our hunger and thirst for more of what we grasp for.

Living a mindful and crucified Christian life means we are needing to learn how to deepen our understanding and experiences on the Love of our Heavenly Father. Deepen our understanding of how to experience love for ourselves. It requires us to become vulnerable before Him. It creates within us a more fulfilling connection, sense of belonging, and sense of completeness and wholeness. Our spiritual connection with Christ, and therefore, with our Heavenly Father allows us to explore healthy relationships. Healthy boundaries and develop a more meaningful and deep intimate relationship and fellowship with self and others.

By coming unto Christ, following Him, denying ourselves of those natural inclinations and desires – we are taking up our cross each day to learn to live in loving relationship with our Heavenly Father. We begin to enjoy the presence of our Heavenly Father as well as the presence of others.

Doing so – our Heavenly Father speaks into our hearts and minds: You are my beloved [child] with you I am well-pleased.

Today’s Thought and Reminder

As I strive to achieve spiritual perfection and mature, through living a mindful and crucified Christian life, I am reminded how this path leads me toward spiritual security. My faith and courage will be tested to the limits. Because of this, I know I need to lean on the covenants and promises made to my Heavenly Father. Trusting in Jesus Christ and knowing that my Heavenly Father is always near and that He is my protector and deliverer.

And what gives me assurance and confidence is knowing that I am beloved of my Heavenly Father. That I am beloved of Jesus Christ. And the more I live my life faithfully, the more I know my Heavenly Father is well-pleased with me.

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