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“Whatever he says to you, do it!”

 His mother said to the servants, “Whatever he says to you, do it!”
~ John 2:5, LEB ~

Somehow it causes me to consider my own burdens easier to live with when I reflect upon the teachings of Jesus Christ. Hearing others share their own personal experiences of faith in challenging times. Reading how those struggling in life are able to endure, persevere, and eventually overcome. All because of one central truth – Faith founded upon our Savior and in his teachings and applying those eternal and spiritual truths into our lives. Such strength and hope are the medicine for the mind and soul. And it is because of the commitment I have personally made to live a mindful crucified Christian Life where I’ve gained a new perspective on self and others. My own personal struggles no longer bear heavy lamentations of woes is me. Compared to others, I am no more worse off or better than they. And through fellowship, I am empowered to reach out and help them by listening and giving them some of the strength gained from my faith in Christ.

Am I too tired to devote consistent efforts toward maintaining those spiritual disciplines? “Whatever he says to you, do it!” Is it such an inconvenience to offer compassion and kindness when my day is not going the way I’ve wanted it to go? “Whatever he says to you, do it!” Am I finding myself lacking when it comes to living each moment, each day, with intent and purpose that brings glory to His name? “Whatever he says to you, do it!” Am I realizing that I may be depriving myself of spiritual nourishment and refreshment of spirit and mind not meditating and reflecting on the teachings and principles of Christ and finding ways to apply them into my life? “Whatever he says to you, do it!

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Each day advances me along the path of covenantal righteousness. Understanding that I may leave nothing undone that may have significant impact on my faith and life where there is continuation of being transformed into His image and likeness.

Attempting to control others and particular situations is quite an exhausting work. If I am truly honest with myself, the realization that the control I think I have is an illusion. Living a mindful crucified Christian life is learning the spiritual and eternal truths that life happens all around each of us. The only difference is this: the empowerment of placing my faith and trust in Jesus Christ and seeking everlasting wisdom and counsel from my Heavenly Father. Only then am I able to walk with confidence and whatever he says to me, I am able to do it without hesitation and without doubt.

Living a crucified and mindful Christian life only occurs with the help of my Heavenly Father. It only occurs when there is unity in purpose and intent as I fellowship with others. I have personally come to believe that my focus on gaining and maintaining control left little room for the healthier things needed in my life. Where there was a lack of self-worth and identity – Christ restored this. Where there was significant imbalance, He restored it. Healthy relationships that are enriching and full of kindness, compassion, and charity – He provided a way to show me how such is achievable. Where I thought no available opportunity afforded me a way through my personal struggles and dilemmas – He guided me through them. All because I learned this truth: “Whatever he says to you, do it!

And one of the first things I had to learn from my Savior is this: deny thyself and take up thy cross and follow me! (Matthew 16:24-26). It was learning that letting go of my own illusion of control had to happen. And it did, in different ways and stages. After all, living a mindful and crucified Christian life required changing ingrained attitudes and behaviors that took a long time for me to perfect. And the key is to be gentle and kind to self.

The next thing learned is how my life is now in constant and conscious contact with my Heavenly Father. Prior to this – I felt Him aloof, distant, and occasionally near when I offered up prayer. Never thought real, deep, and meaningful prayer is one that is contemplative and meditative on not what I desire – but on seeking His will and guidance in those times of challenges. Giving thanksgiving and praise for those blessings received and finding fellowship with the Holy Spirit as a true companion in my life. By whatever Christ says to me, I am able to do it when it comes to the spiritual discipline of prayer. There is true healing in developing such a relationship with Christ and Heavenly Father. It has allowed me to move out of my own willfulness and desire and take the necessary action to where a difference is made in walking in His will and desire. No longer a need to blame God for every bad thing that has come into my own life. Nor, waiting anxiously and worrying if God is going to make good on his promises and give me that which I want.

The final spiritual truth – and the very key that unlocks the blessings from heaven itself – is being able to walk in faithful obedience to the will of my Heavenly Father. And that is the message for today. “Whatever he says to you, do it!” Simple and straightforward. And yet so many today miss the mark on the blessings of walking in faithful obedience.

But it is faith alone that saves. No, it is faith in Christ where we are empowered to walk in saving grace. We just have to take the necessary steps. And sadly, too many have fallen prey to the false cheap and easy believism of a watered-down message of the Gospel.

I don’t have to repent for Christ already forgave me when I became a Christian. No, you still have to repent, to confess your sins, and forsake them in order to continue to grow and traverse the path of righteousness and maintain a covenant relationship with the Savior. Only the false gospel of Cheap Grace has given the illusion of a get out of hell free pass.

The reality is that faithful obedience is this: Whatever Christ says to you and me, we are to do it! He says we are to come unto Him and follow Him by denying ourselves and taking up our cross? We are to do it. He says to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness – we are to do it. He says we are to have faith – we are to do it. He says we are to forgive. We are to do it. There is nothing in scripture that Christ taught where we are merely to place our faith in Him and do nothing. It is whatever he says, just do it! that is taught in scripture. After all – are we all not servants of Christ and our Heavenly Father?

Today’s Thoughts and Reminders

Genuine faith of a mindful and crucified Christian life is predicated upon our willingness to do whatever our Savior has taught us. It is this faithful obedience to the will of the Father where we are growing. Doing just what the Savior did helps us draw closer to Him. Living by his teachings and example is the blueprint of righteous living. And it comes at a great cost – our own personal lives that need to be put to death so that we live in the newness of life that He has given us. There is no room for easy believism. There is no cheap grace that has been peddled over the pulpit of many Churches today. There is no shallow form of worship that grants us into the everlasting throne of our Heavenly Father. Only through our daily commitment to seek out the will of God and His Righteousness are we able to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 6:33). And only then are all those things we desire and are in need of granted in the promises and blessings of our Heavenly Father.

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