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He Knows Our Hearts and Minds

Now while he was in Jerusalem at the Passover, during the feast, many believed in his name because they saw his signs which he was doing. But Jesus himself did not entrust himself to them, because he knew all people, and because he did not need anyone to testify about man, for he himself knew what was in man.
~ John 2:23-24, LEB ~

How often have we found ourselves in a predicament and say: How did I get into this? When someone has been injured by our own choices, attitudes, and behavior because we failed to think about them; do we take the responsibility? If we feel we’ve been unfairly treated, do we take a stand? How do we respond to others experiencing challenges in their own lives?

Living a mindful, crucified Christian life means we are choosing to live by higher standards and values. We are not sitting passively and fail to live up to those heavenly expectations. Each situation is different, so we are to think about what is called for. When we do not think about our reactions, we are in danger of adding to the dilemma of the day. When we act according to the Gospel Principles of Christ’s teachings, we feel a sense of hope and completeness.

Does it help my situation to know the reason behind why people do the things they do? Does it help understanding how people find themselves in their own predicaments and worry about their own individual path and journey? Does it help me to fully comprehend how they may be escaping from their own challenges and troubles of the day? How am I able to help others become aware of their own pain when they may not want to remember or identify what’s going?

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The journey toward spiritual maturity lasts a lifetime. As mindful Christians, who are crucified with Christ, we are able to grow in love and knowledge of our Savior as long as we live according to His truths. When we cease to grow; either emotionally or spiritually we do ourselves a profound disservice. But, if we study the scriptures, if we walk faithfully in obedience to His teachings and commandments and live in His will – we may not be stagnant. Instead, we shall possess healthy Christian attitude and character.

A mindful, crucified, Christian life is a series of decisions. Each day, we make countless decisions that either brings us closer to our Heavenly Father or draws us away from Him. When we live according to the principles of Christ’s teachings, we embark upon a journey of spiritual maturity that results in life abundant and life eternal.

And it began when we experienced the saving grace of the infinite atonement of Jesus Christ. Despite this, many have come to believe in Christ, yet failed to take up their cross to follow him. Because it meant having to deny themselves and lose their lives for His sake. They have chosen to become passive Christians. Believing they are secure in their own salvation and there is nothing more they are able to do. Such attitude and perspective are false. Instead, we all are commanded to become His disciples as a means of our salvation. To do, or believe, otherwise is a missed opportunity with terrible consequences.

It is no wonder the Savior said that the cost of Discipleship is of great price to each one of us. He knows our hearts and minds. He knows how difficult it may be for us to do that which He commanded us to do. Yet, if we are to be His true disciples, we must first deny ourselves. Second, we are to take up our own personal cross. Third, we are to seek to fulfill our Heavenly Father’s purpose for our life. This requires us placing faith and trust in Him.

Today’s Thoughts and Reminders

Do you desire to step out of a passive Christian lifestyle? Want to experience real spiritual growth? Seeking God’s will and purpose for your life? Then come unto Christ and follow Him by picking up His cross today and every day. Deny yourself of all self-serving perspectives, attitudes, and behaviors. Only then are you able to discover that Christ’s love has the power to change everything, including you.

Christ knows each one of us and He knows what is right. It is up to us to commit ourselves over to living an active, meaningful, and mindful crucified Life.

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