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He Taught Them

Now when he saw the crowds, he went up the mountain and after he sat down, his disciples approached him.  And opening his mouth he began to teach them,
~ Matthew 5:1-2; LEB ~

Living in this present moment is all that we have. We are constantly inundated with advice on how to live for the future and yet, it perpetually exists beyond our grasp. The task is to remain mindful of our own present situation. Mindful of how we are growing spiritually. Mindful of how we are exercising our faith every day. Mindful of how we are making those necessary sacrifices in our lives to live a meaningful and purposeful crucified life through Jesus Christ. Through Him, we are ever mindful of our own spiritual destiny and assurance of our hope and faith. Of course, we are not to be foolish in our own personal endeavors – after all – true disciples are those who learn from the teachings of the Savior, apply the principle truths of the Gospel into their lives, and commit themselves daily to living according to the will of the Father. Because we have only the present moment to concern ourselves with.

The present moment is the only time when anything may happen, and change occurs. This moment is a fresh cool breeze. All other moments exist in our own imaginations of what may lay ahead; or exist as memories of times past.

In our pursuit of living a mindful crucified Christian life – we start by clearing out the debris of our own mistakes. We learn to recognize how much we ourselves have contributed to the destruction of our own lives. We had become emotionally reactive to those things that happened to us. Sometimes causing things to become worse. Our invitation to come unto Christ. To follow after Him by denying ourselves and taking up our cross daily is a reminder that we are to reflect on our own conduct.

Most of the things we tend to worry about may never come to fruition. Yet we worry about the future and the past; we worry about finances and relationships. As we take inventory of our own personal lives, we observe all manner of molehills and create mountains out of them.

Are you concerned about any inevitable change and challenges that make up everyday life? Seek out wise counsel from our Heavenly Father so that you may regain a clear perspective about those challenges. Seek wisdom on changing adversity into opportunity. He will touch your heart, offer clear vision and direction, and provide peace to your mind and soul.

This is the reason one of the spiritual disciplines is the practice of silence and solitude. Do you take time each day engage in such practice? Are you sincerely opening your heart and mind to the Father? If so, you are wise and blessed. If not, what is preventing you from doing so?

Our society today is quite noisy, filled with distractions, interruptions, and frustrations. And if one is not careful, the struggles and stresses of everyday living may rob one of the peace that is rightfully yours. This is because of the developing and intimate relationship one is cultivating through Jesus Christ.

The Savior distanced Himself from the crowd. Only the disciples approached them. Here, the Savior began to teach them personally. And it is in those moments of practicing silence and solitude where the Savior desires to teach us. A time where we quietly commune with Him. When we do, those moments of practicing silence and solitude will enable you to participate more fully in the only source of peace that endures – the Peace of God.

Today’s Thoughts and Reminders

It is in the quiet moments of the day where I turn my thoughts and prayers to my Heavenly Father. To learn how to sense His presence as I seek wise counsel and guidance for my life. Where I seek His will, His plan, and His desire. Knowing that I am filled with the peace of Christ and receive the blessings when I walk in faithful obedience. For, it is in the silence and solitude of meditating upon the Scriptures, engaged in thoughtful and mindful prayer – where I receive personal revelation that helps me navigate the challenges of everyday life. It is a time of humility where I am being taught the principles of the Gospel that need to apply in my life.

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