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Blessed are you who Hunger Now

 Blessed are those who are hungry now, because you will be satisfied.
~ Luke 6:21, LEB ~

Blessed are the ones who hunger and thirst for righteousness, because they will be satisfied.
~ Matthew 5:6, LEB ~

As we deepen our commitment to strong and mature Christian living, we see a conflict between living a mindful crucified Christian life and that of living outside the boundaries of God’s righteousness. When we see ourselves vulnerable – we fear of getting hurt. Many of us learned that because of this vulnerability, there is the possibility of being taken advantage of. And it is quite difficult to fathom our ability to abandon everything we have experienced and learned about not placing ourselves in unsafe situations.

Like most people one enjoys being in control. Each one of us desire things to happen according to our wishes and according to our timetable. However, sometimes, our Heavenly Father has other plans, and He always has a final word. Are you embittered by a personal tragedy that you did not deserve and cannot understand? If so, it’s time to make peace with life. It’s time to forgive others, and, if necessary, to forgive self. It’s time to accept the unchangeable past, to embrace the priceless present, and to have faith in the promise of tomorrow. It’s time to trust in God completely without any hesitation or reservation. And it’s time each one of us reclaim the peace – His peace – that can and ought to be ours.

The reality is that we are not allowing ourselves to be left wide open. We are learning to be quite selective about how open we will be and whom we will trust. However, for us to continue on our personal journey of spiritual growth and maturation, we must be an open book to ourselves, to our Heavenly Father, and to those whom we have grown to place confidence in. We are to face our fears of being open and vulnerable. Developing nurturing fellowship and friendships with others on their own personal journey is part of the change which a truly disciplined Christian life entails.

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So, what is your personal focus today? Are you willing to focus your thoughts and energies on Heavenly Father’s promised blessings and upon His will for your life? Or will you turn your thoughts toward other things? This day – is a chance to celebrate a mindful crucified Christian life one is blessed with. It’s also a chance to give thanks to our Heavenly Father for the many blessings received.

Today, why not focus your thoughts on the joy that is rightfully yours because of Jesus Christ? Why not take time to celebrate in this new life that is transforming you into the image and likeness of the Only Begotten? Why not trust your hopes instead of your fears? When you do, you will begin to see yourself and your world through the eyes of our Heavenly Father.

His promise is assured – we shall be satisfied. We shall find the necessary means to meet those challenges we are facing. To move beyond the pain, the hurt, and the suffering caused by others – or of our own doing. The more we seek after Him, the more we find fulfillment. Something our present society is not capable of doing.

Therefore, if you are experiencing unfortunate circumstances that are beyond your power to control, accept those circumstances and trust in your Heavenly Father. When you do, you can be comforted in the knowledge that He is both loving and wise, and that He understands His plans perfectly, even when you do not.

Today’s Thoughts and Reminders

The principle of the Gospel is simple: We are to experience spiritual nourishment and find fulfillment when we hunger and thirst after our Heavenly Father. It means we have a strong desire to live a mindful, meaningful, crucified life through Jesus Christ. We are no longer satisfied by our own will and desires.

For the mindful crucified Christian life is one that is spiritually active in transforming our lives to conform to the standards, character, and Godly attributes of Christ and our Heavenly Father. And the blessing that comes from living this life – abandoning all of our former attitudes, behaviors, and natural desires (by putting them to death every day) – is learning to live a deep, joy-filled, and meaningful life. One that possesses an inner state of spiritual well-being.

It is not one that is passive. It is active, fervent, and longing where the will of the Father is sought after above all other things. And it is through this active engagement in growing spiritually mature where we are satisfied. Where we are full. Where we feel complete – it is essentially striving toward spiritual perfection.

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