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He Knows Our Hearts and Minds

The journey toward spiritual maturity lasts a lifetime. As mindful Christians, who are crucified with Christ, we are able to grow in love and knowledge of our Savior as long as we live according to His truths. When we cease to grow; either emotionally or spiritually we do ourselves a profound disservice. But, if we study the scriptures, if we walk faithfully in obedience to His teachings and commandments and live in His will - we may not be stagnant. Instead, we shall possess healthy Christian attitude and character.

Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Devotional, Mindful Christian Living, Personal Reflections

“Whatever he says to you, do it!”

Living a crucified and mindful Christian life only occurs with the help of my Heavenly Father. It only occurs when there is unity in purpose and intent as I fellowship with others. I have personally come to believe that my focus on gaining and maintaining control left little room for the healthier things needed in my life. Where there was a lack of self-worth and identity - Christ restored this. Where there was significant imbalance, He restored it. Healthy relationships that are enriching and full of kindness, compassion, and charity - He provided a way to show me how such is achievable. Where I thought no available opportunity afforded me a way through my personal struggles and dilemmas - He guided me through them. All because I learned this truth: "Whatever he says to you, do it!"

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“What Seek Ye?”

Imagine standing with the disciples of John the Baptist and hearing this question being asked: What seek ye? (John 1:38). Have you contemplated this question for yourself? Do you know what it is that you are truly seeking after? The response of the disciples may be that of our own response: Where is Christ residing… Continue reading “What Seek Ye?”

Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Mindful Christian Living

Establishing the Spiritual Discipline of Mindful Prayer brings Fresh Wind and Fire

Our Heavenly Father is listening and will hear every prayer of His children - even when our prayers are weak. Yet how come professing Christians appear to spend minimal time and effort devoted to prayer? This minimal effort rests on offering up a few words, sometimes telegraphically, to our Heavenly Father throughout the day. How is it that many of us professing Christians spend a few minutes alone in conversation with God?

Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Mindful Christian Living

Come Follow Me – A Personal Call to Living a Mindful and Crucified Christian Life

Profession and Confession of faith - living it out daily as we continue to transform our minds through God's word is the goal. We want to be transformed into a "new creation" (2 Corinthians 2:17) where we rely on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's wise counsel. Surrender toward God so that we have a mighty change of heart in how we think, behave, and experience life.

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10 Guiding Premises of Living a Mindful and Crucified Christian Life

Christian mindfulness is coming to a place where we attach our deepest sense of self to God and seek after His kingdom and righteousness (see, Matthew 6:33, ESV). This requires us to surrender ourselves over to His divine will and grace. By being mindful, we are present focused on the moment and experiencing that moment without any prejudice or criticism. Adding to this, we are present focused on God's will and desire within those moments as we experience them without any criticism or prejudice on our part. Since we are called to seek after God and desire to do His will, we are establishing ourselves as citizens of His kingdom.

Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Mindful Christian Living

Understanding the Crucified Christian Life

A powerful and victorious Christian is one who seriously considered the cost and does not operate under the illusion of self-will in order to live the higher faith. They have placed themselves on their own cross and put to death their own strength and desires. It is absolute and true surrender born out of sincere humility. Because the only powerless Christian is one who refuses to crucify their own ego and sense of self. A powerless Christian is not one who is yielding their life in the name of Christ so that they may gain eternal perspective and salvation. Therefore, either Christ is in you, or you are in the world. Either you are maintaining a life that is alive with rebellion and desires of the flesh, or you are dead to sin and alive unto Christ for righteousness' sake.

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Understanding Mindful Christianity

The proverb of putting one's hand on the plow means that one is decisively willing to commit themselves over to God. Our belief, our faith, our hope, and confidence of salvation and spiritual growth and mastery is sustained in our Heavenly Father - through Jesus Christ. And since some of Christ's teachings reflected the understanding of agriculture in His lifetime - we find the application of this passage poignant and true. Andy person willing to commit their lives and will over to the care of our Heavenly Father will only taste the fruits of spiritual growth, knowledge, insight, wisdom, and mastery by concentrating on growing in Christ and keeping an eternal perspective based on Gospel truths and principles.

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Spiritual Mastery and the Crucified Mindful Christian Life

Growing in spiritual knowledge and understanding are the foundation toward building faith in Christ (our sure foundation), Ability to invite the Holy Spirit into our hearts and minds to bring about personal revelation, wisdom, counsel, and guidance so that we are able to gain greater insight into the teachings of Christ. And helps us increase in our faith in who Jesus Christ is and what his doctrines are. So that we are able to apply those teachings into our lives and become complete, whole, and blameless as fulfillment of the promises of Christ and our Heavenly Father. All being part of the New and Everlasting Covenant made through the infinite atonement of Jesus Christ.

Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, New Testament Study

Strengthening Faith in Jesus Christ

Each of us ought to thoughtfully consider ways we want to continue to learn and grow spiritually. This includes ways where we see improvements in our lives. Whether there are questions we have - or concerns needing attention, it is through sincere prayer and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit that helps us apply those principles into our own lives. And it begins when we come to the awareness of how much the scriptures call our attention to the reliance on Christ as a means to live an authentic mindful life. Our true desire is to actively learn by faith in Jesus Christ where we are blessed and see personal improvements in life. And it is through diligent study and searching the New Testament where we learn by faith in Christ.