Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Devotional, Mindful Christian Living, Personal Reflections

Blessed be the Poor

Humility helps us come to terms with ourselves, our relationships with others, and the direction our life has been going. It is this key that unlocks the possibilities and opportunities to shift our perspective in understanding and knowing what life is like when we place our lives over to the care of our Heavenly Father. Humility sets the foundation to cultivate faith whereby we have the confidence and assurance in God's promises and blessings afforded to us.

Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Devotional

A Beloved Child of God

Living a mindful and crucified Christian life means we are needing to learn how to deepen our understanding and experiences on the Love of our Heavenly Father. Deepen our understanding of how to experience love for ourselves. It requires us to become vulnerable before Him. It creates within us a more fulfilling connection, sense of belonging, and sense of completeness and wholeness. Our spiritual connection with Christ, and therefore, with our Heavenly Father allows us to explore healthy relationships. Healthy boundaries and develop a more meaningful and deep intimate relationship and fellowship with self and others.