Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Devotional, Mindful Christian Living, Personal Reflections

Our Heavenly Father’s Light and Love

How does Christ fill us up? By exposing the old attitudes and behaviors. False hopes, past regrets, the shame and guilt we've carried. By revealing to us things in our lives that no longer serve any purpose. By empowering us to gain those small victories in life where we move past our old life and grow in newness of life through Him.

Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Devotional

True Life and Light

Since Christ is the true life and light of humanity - it reveals those good qualities that lie within me. How I choose to use this truth determines the way my life is led. Yet, it is quite easy to get caught up in my own thoughts and worry about how I am living for myself rather than focusing on how I am living through Christ. Either I am falling into the past regrets, shame, and guilt that I refuse to lay down. Or I am living in the future and worrying about the possibilities that cause distraction to the reality of what is happening in the present.

Come Unto Christ, Mindful Christian Living, Personal Reflections

Personal Reflection: When You Need a Light

What does it take to be the light? Humility and compassion. Willingness to put aside our own instinct to rescue them with faulty platitudes and shallow empathy. To sit with them and mourn with them. To weep with them. To comprehend what they are struggling with is difficult and real. To hear the song of their despair and embrace them in the divine love our Heavenly Father has for each of us.