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He Taught Them

Are you concerned about any inevitable change and challenges that make up everyday life? Seek out wise counsel from our Heavenly Father so that you may regain a clear perspective about those challenges. Seek wisdom on changing adversity into opportunity. He will touch your heart, offer clear vision and direction, and provide peace to your mind and soul.

Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Devotional

Wax Strong in the Lord

When I train myself to be disciplined in showing gratitude, the challenges and demands of daily life become quite bearable. I am not burdened down by the weight of those priorities. And it helps me maintain humility because I am not focused on what I have done - but I am focused on what Christ is able to do through me. The more I practice gratitude in everyday life - the more my Heavenly Father's kindness and generosity continues to strengthen me.

Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Devotional

“…they offered him gifts …”

Genuine Christian faith is found when one comes to humbly worship Christ. To desire fellowship with Him. Seeking to understand the will of the Father and walking in obedience to His will. Not only will one find such faith in losing their life for Christ - but they shall also find saving faith for a life that is as precious as Gold. A life that is a sweet aroma as that of the being endowed with the Holy Spirit. And offering prayers that are contemplative and mindful in His name.

Come Unto Christ, Devotional, Mindful Christian Living

“…As He Considered These Things…”

Like Joseph - our desire is to do the right thing. And sometimes that right thing requires some risk on our part. Living a mindful and crucified life is not about making the right decisions - it is about considering those things we desire and want to do and how our actions have significant implications on the lives of those around us. This is the conundrum of Joseph. Should he divorce her the way Jewish Law required? Which will place her in public shame? After all, he still loved her and was concerned for her own well-being. Would it have been better to do so quietly so as to save her from such public shame? Is it really something he truly wanted to do?

Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Mindful Christian Living, Personal Reflections

What do you do?

The only response I am able to provide is this: Sometimes we have to accept the reality of things as they are and strive to continue to live faithfully and obediently to the teachings and Gospel principles of Jesus Christ. And this is what the comfort I have recently discovered in writing the devotional regarding Zacharias and the visitation of the angel Gabriel.

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“…because your prayer has been heard…

A person in the process of coming unto Christ, and following Him as a true disciple, answers the question: "How shall I develop a relationship my Savior?" The answer begins with the spiritual discipline of thoughtful prayer. Allowing self, the ability to be receptive to the spiritual messages that will come. And to be spiritually receptive, we must not be preoccupied with the illusion of control. Such illusion causes us to be demanding as we attempt to fit it in our narrow and logical mindset. Because such preoccupation may mean our failure to notice all the experiences which are there for us.

Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Mindful Christian Living

“Do Not Be Afraid”

Facing our fears helps us grow in spiritual wisdom. And it stems from humility and contrition of heart so that we surrender to our Heavenly Father's will. Spiritual wisdom calls us to step out of the illusion of control because we give away our power and will over our own lives. Our own desires. It calls us to relinquish the plans for a life we feel deserving of. Healthy surrender of our own personal will, walking away and letting go, we begin to experience the true freedom found in Christ alone.

Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Mindful Christian Living

Establishing the Spiritual Discipline of Mindful Prayer brings Fresh Wind and Fire

Our Heavenly Father is listening and will hear every prayer of His children - even when our prayers are weak. Yet how come professing Christians appear to spend minimal time and effort devoted to prayer? This minimal effort rests on offering up a few words, sometimes telegraphically, to our Heavenly Father throughout the day. How is it that many of us professing Christians spend a few minutes alone in conversation with God?

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Understanding Mindful Christianity

The proverb of putting one's hand on the plow means that one is decisively willing to commit themselves over to God. Our belief, our faith, our hope, and confidence of salvation and spiritual growth and mastery is sustained in our Heavenly Father - through Jesus Christ. And since some of Christ's teachings reflected the understanding of agriculture in His lifetime - we find the application of this passage poignant and true. Andy person willing to commit their lives and will over to the care of our Heavenly Father will only taste the fruits of spiritual growth, knowledge, insight, wisdom, and mastery by concentrating on growing in Christ and keeping an eternal perspective based on Gospel truths and principles.