Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Devotional, Mindful Christian Living, Personal Reflections

“Whatever he says to you, do it!”

Living a crucified and mindful Christian life only occurs with the help of my Heavenly Father. It only occurs when there is unity in purpose and intent as I fellowship with others. I have personally come to believe that my focus on gaining and maintaining control left little room for the healthier things needed in my life. Where there was a lack of self-worth and identity - Christ restored this. Where there was significant imbalance, He restored it. Healthy relationships that are enriching and full of kindness, compassion, and charity - He provided a way to show me how such is achievable. Where I thought no available opportunity afforded me a way through my personal struggles and dilemmas - He guided me through them. All because I learned this truth: "Whatever he says to you, do it!"

Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Devotional

“Repent … for the Kingdom of Heaven has Come Near!”

Christ's invitation is for us to repent and turn unto Him as a means to follow. His invitation is for us to turn from our way and go the way of the righteous and covenant path. To be guided by the Holy Spirit. This is key to finding His Kingdom. Our willingness to change our hearts and reform our lives to live a committed and disciplined life unto our Heavenly Father. As we turn our will and life over to His care - we are redeemed through His grace. Yet, if we refuse to repent, we will miss that which we most desperately desire and seek after.

Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Devotional

Behold – the Lamb of God

A mindful and crucified Christian life presents each one of us with a choice: deny ourselves and take up our own cross to follow Christ. Or continue feeling hopeless and engage in self-blame and shame by not measuring up to our own (and others) expectations. By choosing to deny ourselves and commit to living a mindful and crucified life, we are letting go of those personal expectations, disappointments, resentments, and discouragements. One also becomes aware that this type of life of discipleship is one of an unfolding process and experience.

Come Follow Me 2023, Come Unto Christ, Devotional

“Savior, who is Christ the Lord”

Our spiritual perception changes as a result of a deep enriching truth. Through our Heavenly Father's grace, we strive to work faithfully in cultivating a rich and meaningful life through Christ. Truth is won when we have the courage to feel the spiritual pain of being separate from the love of Christ, and that of our Heavenly Father. It is this hunger and thirst we strive to satisfy knowing that Christ is our Lord and Savior.